Doing Marketing the right way!

How Digital Marketing could get you on today’s show?

Marketing? This term seems so familiar. Right? We all understand what marketing actually means and its high importance in any business.

Every person understands this term but not every person knows the right way to do marketing.

This article is about my understanding of marketing in the right way through the modern growing approach, which is digital marketing for sure.

Every good thing ready to sell needs marketing to reach the audience mindset, make them aware of it, build trust, and attract them to buy. Digital marketing is no different. It is just the marketing approach of reaching customers through a digital medium.

Although Digital Marketing is not a very new term now. It has become a common trend today. There are many people practicing and implementing digital marketing nowadays. But still many people lack clarity in the right way of marketing. People just keep focusing on the tools, social media ads, and other implementations of practice but lack the core of marketing. If you feel you’re the one who seeks more clarity then hopefully this article will help you achieve that clarity today.

Since last week I am a part of the internship program by Mr. Deepak Kanakraju (a.k.a. Digital Deepak). Before joining I used to be on the same page but I believe we all need some guidance from experts who are having some real-life industrial experiences to improve. I trusted his expertise in this field and become his mentee. This article is an assignment about the understanding of marketing after Week-2.

Below is my attempt to frame the gist of my understanding of marketing in 4 USER steps:

  1. U - Understanding of market needs
  2. S - Selecting niche per the market analysis
  3. E - Experimenting with Sales and Marketing
  4. R - Reverse feedback mechanism

1. Understanding of market needs

“Don’t push people to where you want to be, meet them where they are.” — Meghan Keaney Anderson

The world has around 7.8 billion people and to understand the particular needs of everybody is not possible. To understand the market we should filter our dependencies on various factors like the region, set of the target audience, the trend, the current demand, etc.

The understanding plays an important role because if we don’t understand the market and just start by assuming on our own set of opinions then there are more chances of failure rather than getting success. Because we end up considering other people also do or buy the same things as us and that’s not the truth.

If I know that there’s only salty lemon soda then if I am planning to sell it, I end up being thinking of how to sell salty lemon soda in the best way. But what about the sweet and mixed flavors? I know salty I like salty but that doesn’t mean people will buy only salty. They will buy what they love to drink. So understanding all the aspects and availabilities of the market is very important.

With a proper understanding, we can set up a proper roadmap and have particular goals based on that. Our planning will be according to the market needs not our needs.

The product or service fulfilling the customer’s needs excellently will attract a large number of consumers. This is the gold which we should have to attract people.

Understanding the market also involves understanding the market economics.

When the average age of the country goes up, the economy sees a boom. The average age of India is 27 which means India is an emerging profitable market.

Debt creates money. The increase in demand will be seen as the young population of India will age and they will need more goods and services. To fulfill the demands people will take loans. More loans will be given by banks. More interest levied means more money created in the economy. More cashflow will be there. This will cause more growth.

During the recession, only strong and trusted companies will survive. The weak ones shut down or bear heavy losses. Understanding and fulfilling the needs of consumers will help to build value. Value builds trust. If you are able to build trust, consumers will stay because they also need you.

“Build value, trust, and fulfill the needs. The more we want to sell, the more the consumer is ready to buy.” - Utkarsh Gupta

2. Selecting niche per the market analysis

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” — Craig Davis

The biggest challenge is to select the niche. For every beginner, it is always hard to choose. We think of it in a very different and often way but when it comes to marketing things change. Our thought process allows us to interrupt the people’s interest and that’s where we set us far away from hitting the goal.

Generally, if a beginner wants to sell something he/she might come up with his set of perceptions. But we should always go based on the analysis. We should analyze, understand, plan, and implement.

If I want to sell CCTV cameras online, then I should analyze the best possible ways people use to search. We might end up thinking of very generic terms like ‘CCTV Cameras’, ‘CCTV Cameras for Home’, etc. But there many other very particular searches which might help you to reach on top of the search like ‘3-megapixel night vision CCTV camera’, ‘Motion detection CCTV camera in Preet Vihar, Delhi’ (If I am selling in that area).

3. Experimenting with Sales and Marketing

“You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” — Beth Comstock

Sales and marketing is a key factor to let the product stand out and make people buy. If the strategies of Sales and Marketing are not strong then even a good product will not get good results in sales.

We need to know where our audience lies and how to get them. As today a lot of audiences are moving online day by day. So there’s a lot of chances to get the business online and make it run successfully.

That’s why digital marketing is crucial and included as a vital element of modern marketing.

“Digital marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is an art of making people buy the product that you sell.” — Hecate Strategy

The availability of the brand should be there on the internet. There are a lot of ways to show a quite effective web presence. We should be involving all of them or at least the important ones required for the business.

Also, a good piece of content is God when we talk about digital marketing. If the content is good there are a lot more chances of your business or product to grab the attention and fall in the people’s shopping cart and then in their purchase list.

Digital Marketing+Good Communication = Great Results

4. Reverse Feedback Mechanism

By this what we can assure is trust and valuable relation with customers. Because to survive in the market we need to have strong value among consumers. If our consumers are happy only then they will recommend to others. Word of mouth is still a game-changer.

We should always keep taking customer feedback so that we can improvise and get better to serve them as per their needs. Also, it will help us to update the product or services which we offer with time. Because in this rapidly changing era, it’s necessary to change with time but quality should also go hand in hand and it should also be improved.

Also, helping others is a big value. We should also focus on helping it makes us clear our own facts and strengthen our strategies.

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